5 Best NFT Value Estimators to Find Out How Much your NFTs Are Worth

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Decentralized worlds such as blockchains and cryptocurrencies offer a lot to explore. NFTs are the most popular use case at the moment. The world of digital ownership is being entirely transformed by NFT Value Estimators, and the number of people getting involved with NFTs is increasing rapidly. Investors are having a hard time finding which non-fungible assets to invest in.

NFT Value Estimators

NFTs are currently booming, and it appears that they are not going to settle down anytime soon. There is a lot of talk about metaverses and NFTs. There are new NFT trends emerging every single day in the market. The trending NFTs are, therefore, nearly impossible to follow for investors.

There might be a logical reason for you to track the most valuable NFTs or follow those that are most popular. It is essential to track trending NFTs if you wish to earn money in the NFT market or to find out how much your NFTs are worth. This is where NFT Value Estimator comes in handy.

5 Best NFT Value Estimators

1.      Dapp Radar

There are many crypto data portals, but DappRadar is one of the greatest and most well-known. NFTs are ranked based on factors such as volume, traders, and sales, which provides instant information about market conditions. Furthermore, you can now use an NFT Value Estimator tool to get a quick estimate of an NFT’s price with the platform’s portfolio tracker.

NFT Value Estimators

It is worth noting that even though DappRadar covers dozens of blockchains in terms of decentralized apps (DApps), this NFT Value Estimator tool is still limited when it comes to the collections it covers. At the moment, Ethereum-based collections are limited to a few dozen, typically the most popular ones. There is only one marketplace – OpenSea – that can be accessed by the search by URL function. DappRadar may integrate more chains and marketplaces into the NFT Value Estimator in the future, so we may start seeing more chains included with the tool.

NFT collections’ sales data has been monitored by DappRadar for a long time. Additionally, they came up with a portfolio tracker in 2020 to let users monitor Ethereum wallets in real time. Using this tracker, users can receive information regarding tokens and NFT balances, as well as their wallet’s total net worth, based on the Ethereum wallet address or the ENS name entered.

You may find this tool to be very useful if you want to track your individual portfolios. Additionally, DappRadar uses different timeframes to show you the most trending value NFTs in the marketplace. Volume, traders, and sales information can be viewed directly for any NFT collection.

2.      Value.app

In the NFT Value.app, you can estimate how much a digital asset is worth in the current market. A digital asset’s secondary market value can be accurately estimated by providing daily updated data to this analytics tool.

NFT Value Estimators

It is vital to have this information in order to make informed decisions about what to buy or what to sell. Currently, the NFT Value.app supports Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Cardano, Binance, Avalanche, and FLOW, as well as multiple blockchain platforms and ecosystems.

3.      Icy.Tools

Another NFT-based Ethereum platform is Icy.tools. A rarity score is only one part of Icy.tools, which provides a comprehensive environment for NFT analysis. You can find detailed information about the sales history, volumes, floor prices, and market caps for each NFT collection and item listed on the website using this valuable tool. The full range of features will only be available to premium members.

NFT Value Estimators

The ice.tools platform gathers NFT data from Ethereum and from OpenSea. Additionally, the platform may link to other marketplaces, depending on the collection, to facilitate the purchase of value NFT. Some of these companies are Infinity, LooksRare, and Genie.

Upon opening Icy.tools, you will notice one of the most prominent things you see is the Trending Collections that showcase some of the most popular NFTs from the past day. It is possible to filter the rankings for the last 15 or 30 minutes if you have connected your wallet.

Even beginners can efficiently perform NFT analyses thanks to its easy-to-use interface. Also, you can find some of the top buyers’ and sellers’ wallet addresses under the Discover Tab.

Those who subscribe to the premium service will get full access to all of the NFT collections’ detailed information. The price charts and history of every NFT will be included. Additionally, you can get the rarity and attribute breakdown of each NFT project.

4.      NFT Valuations

As part of the NFT Valuations service, transactions and events are constantly fetched from supported marketplaces and collections’ smart contracts to determine NFT movements and sales. Using their systems, NFT Valuations collects data about transactions, current prices, NFT properties, etc.

NFT Value Estimators

A further benefit of this estimator is that it adds additional properties to the smart contract, such as rarity rank, as well as properties that aren’t present in the smart contract.

Machine Learning (ML) pipelines developed by NFT Valuations pre-process, enhance features, and optimize model hyperparameters based on individual sales patterns and accompanying metadata.

New collections are being added to NFT Valuations’ website on a regular basis. In terms of statistics and valuations, they only cover and show what they currently support, not what NFT is all about. Although sponsored collections are available, some data may not be accurate since all marketplaces are not supported yet.

5.      moby

In addition to tracking and analyzing NFTs, Moby performs other functions. Data on NFT rankings and scores are provided by Moby as part of its suite of services. The Moby rating system is much more than just a ranking system or a score for rarity.

NFT Value Estimators

Subscribing to the premium service of this value tool will allow you to get detailed information about Ethereum-based NFTs, including sales volumes, prices, transactions, and even whale statistics.

Besides checking the Ethereum blockchain, Moby scans OpenSea and LooksRare marketplaces to provide its users with rich insights.

There is no doubt that Moby is an effective tool for tracking NFTs, even though it is not very popular. The fastest real-time statistics and feeds are available on this site. NFT investors can find Moby extremely helpful in monitoring their assets and managing their investments. A shorter time period of 10 minutes, 60 minutes, 24 hours, and a few more allows them to act on their investments and make decisions faster.

With Moby Pro, all data charts are accessible, and better analysis can be performed. In addition to historical collection data, subscribers can access real-time feeds, NFT signals, and other valuable data.

You can use the ranking system on Moby to find the best NFTs and choose the ones that are right for you. For better tracking, you will need a subscription since you cannot access all features for free.

How to calculate the value of NFT?

The popularity of NFTs continues to grow, which has led to growing many people wondering how to value NFTs.

The following tips will help you estimate value of an NFT:

Analyze the overall NFT market.

Keep an eye on the NFT market as a whole. In the same way that the value of any asset depends on factors such as supply and demand, the value of NFTs also depends on these factors.

The value of an individual NFT will increase if there is a high demand for NFTs as a whole.

Take a look at the NFT’s creator.

It is essential to consider the creator of an NFT when determining its value. It is likely that a well-known or respected creator will have a higher value for their NFTs. Further, if the creator has produced successful or popular NFTs in the past, their latest creation will also have a higher value.

Check out the specifics of the NFT.

Each NFT has its unique features and characteristics, so you need to take a close look at their specifics. It is imperative to take into consideration the subject matter, the rarity, as well as any special features the NFT might have.

Make a comparison with similar NFTs.

It is helpful to compare NFT values with those of similar NFTs that have already been sold in order to determine their value. Having a sense of what kind of price range to expect will help you make an informed decision.

Use NFT value estimators.

You can estimate the value of an NFT using a number of NFT value estimators. A number of factors are considered in these estimators, including the overall market for NFTs, the creator, and the NFTs themselves.

General Tips for investing in NFTs

  • Develop an exit strategy

It cannot be easy to cash out your investment in NFTs. The asset is not like a stock or crypto coin that you can sell immediately on an exchange (depending on liquidity).

You cannot sell an NFT until another person decides to buy it from you. As a result, you’ll need to make plans for selling your NFT when the time comes. It may sell faster if you list it at a low price, but it will have a lower return.

Your NFT may remain on the market if you raise the price. You may lose money waiting to sell your NFT if the project’s price fluctuates.

  • Research on your own

The most imperative thing you can do when evaluating NFT investments is to perform your own research. When someone else does something or an influencer recommends something; it can be tempting to follow suit.

This unreliable strategy can sometimes produce winners, but it always ends up with big losses. Investing in an NFT starts with learning as much as you can about the token, its creator, and its market position.

  • Concentrate on one type of NFT

Investing in NFTs can yield profits if you have experience and knowledge of the type of NFT you are investing in. By knowing the market and what to look for in a winning project, you will be able to evaluate the token’s value better.

Gamers can gain great insight into NFTs through the games they play regularly—or sports fans who know when a superstar is going to make a big impact.

Digital artwork falls under this category more than other types of NFTs. A piece of art that is average or a work of art that is a masterpiece is often brutal to distinguish for most people. This makes it hard for them to detect undervalued projects before they become valuable.


NFT Value Estimators – what is it?

In spite of its name, the NFT Value Estimator is a very useful tool for those looking for NFT opportunities. With this tool, you can estimate the current price of NFTs from different collections with great accuracy.

The evaluation of non-fungible tokens is extremely challenging. Investments, no matter how experienced you are in the NFT space, need to be taken very seriously. 

The tool helps you consider value factors beyond the most obvious ones, such as the rarity of a particular feature.

When it comes to the NFT Value Estimator, how does it work?

The NFT Value Estimator was created by engineers using a machine-learning algorithm that combined the token’s current and historical prices from multiple sources.

Consequently, these tools produce more accurate valuation estimates in a matter of seconds.

Is it possible to estimate any NFT’s value?

It is not uncommon for new NFT collections to appear every day. Therefore, estimating the value of every single one would be impractical.

In order to provide accurate estimates, these estimators verify and select some of the best NFT collections. 

Bottom Line

There isn’t going to be a dip in interest for NFTs any time soon since they are still at the beginning of their journey. People are minting NFTs in hopes of capitalizing on the growing market because mainstream investors and big brands are coming to the space.

In an increasingly noisy market, it is important to distinguish quality assets from fads in order to be successful when investing in NFTs. Since individual projects can gain or lose popularity rapidly, it can be difficult to predict which ones will pump on the back of a trend.

However, investing on the basis of underlying fundamentals has proven to be effective across a wide variety of asset classes. The NFT value estimators will help you determine the value of your NFT investments, which will help you make more money.

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