5 Best NFT Photographers to Follow in 2023

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Time has changed the face of art, and today we have a whole new perspective on it. The modern face of art embodies two aspects that people genuinely cherish – NFT photography and NFT photographers. The main reason for this is the growing acceptance of NFT’s strengths – in all their glory. 

Photography is a great way to express ourselves in creative ways and that’s exactly what NFT photographers are leveraging today. Aside from the sheer enjoyment that comes with it, they are generating thousands of dollars by selling one single NFT photograph. Photographer Kate Woodman recently sold her digital image entitled “Always Coca Cola” for 11.888 ETH ($15,864).

NFT Photographers

In short, NFT Photography is booming, and now is the perfect time to explore the best NFT photographers in the industry for their best practices and pitfalls. So if you’re new to this industry, we recommend starting with the best-known names. 

Our recommendation is purely based on the fact that they are the ones leading the way globally and have been able to conquer their field through their beautiful works of art. Let’s get started.

Let’s move forward by discussing what’s NFT for photographers. 

As a first step, let’s discuss a bit about NFT for photographers, followed by a list of the top 5 NFT photographers.

What is NFT Photography and why should you pay attention to it?

There is a strong bias towards only considering graphics, animations, and drawn artwork NFT-worthy. However, it’s not true. All of the photographs that capture the imagination and have an exclusive quality are highly valued as NFTs. In case, you have such images, consider converting them to NFTs. 

NFTs can be made from almost anything. NFT photography is nothing but a series of NFTs of photographs shot by the photographer and then traded on top NFT marketplaces.

On the marketplace, artists can easily upload NFTs and make them available for sale. 

5 Best NFT Photographers To Follow

1. Justin Aversano

Photographer “Justin Aversano” co-founder and CEO of Quantum Art is renowned for his realistic and compassionate depiction of subjects. Justin Aversano also acts as a creative director of SaveArtSpace, an organization dedicated to creating urban art spaces.

OpenSea is home to some of Justin Aversano’s most popular photos, earning him over $10 million. The artist is known for Twin Flames, a series of portraits depicting “100 sets of twins”. With sales exceeding 170 ETH, Twin Flames is now recognized as the benchmark for NFT photo projects.

Twin Flames

At an exhibition of his gallery, Aversano’s fraternal twin was the inspiration for the project.

Smoke and Mirrors is his another noteworthy collection, featuring people in intimate and haunting situations in black and white.

Smoke and Mirrors

2. Jacob Riglin

Photographer “Jacob Riglin” is an awe-inspiring millennial with incredible skills that allowed him to make millions of dollars and gain followers worldwide from his travel photography alone.  

Currently, he is one of the most popular NFT photographers with a net worth of $13.5 Million and a follower count of 1.1 million on Instagram. 

A master at his trade, he takes photos of cities and countries around the world to create NFTs, admired by millions around the world. The artist is a master at creating colorful, detailed illustrations on top of his photos. 

Among his best-selling collections, ‘World Wonders‘ showcases 50 images from 50 countries. Japan and Norway are the main inspirations behind his work focusing on some of the most iconic locations in each country, captured during his eight years as a U.K. native. 

World Wonders

Following the original collection, ‘50 unique stories behind the “World Wonders” Collection’, featured 50 cards each telling a unique story behind each image.

3. Issac Wright

Issac Wright, better known as “Drifter Shoots” ranks among the best NFT photographers in the industry today. Most well-known for his surreal aerial images, his specialty is aerial photography.

His “Where My Vans Go” collection sold for over $5M, with an average price of $100,000 for the 125 pieces in the collection. His initial motivation for climbing and taking pictures was to deal with PTSD. However, he was recently profiled by the New York Times.

Where My Vans Go

DrifterShoots claims that this compilation portrays the entire human struggle and development. According to him, “If you don’t climb, you won’t see the view”.

4. Trey Ratcliff

The owner of the world’s #1 travel photography blog has traveled to all 7 continents, garnered 140 billion views, and built an active social media presence with more than 5 million followers. He specializes in travel photography and produces breathtaking creations that appear digital at first glance.

Trey’s collection, ‘Beautiful Cities of the World’ has been a resounding success generating millions of dollars and attracting celebrities like Edward Norton and Leo Dicaprio.

Beautiful Cities of the World

His other collection named “Worship” features ten photographs of holy places around the world.

5. Eric Rubens

Southern California-based “Eric Rubens” a member of Alpha Imaging Collective specializes in stunning landscape photography, which often depicts epic sunsets.

His work, which has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram, demonstrates his adventurous nature. Featuring stunning images from around the world, his Instagram account has won awards from Business Insider and Conde Nast Traveler.

Rubens’ collections like Ocean Intersection and Beach Boulevard feature many of these images, all of which have a beach theme. The popularity of his work is evident by the fact that there have been no pieces left in these collections. 

Ocean Intersection and Beach Boulevard

As a photographer who has carved a niche for himself in both the Instagram and NFT realms, Rubens is definitely one to watch.


Do you have many questions in mind related to NFT photography and photographers? Well, let’s find out the answers to some frequently asked questions. These answers help you to kick start your journey of being an NFT photographer.

What are NFT photographs?
Since an NFT can be any digital token with a limited quantity and some value, an NFT photograph is an image captured by a photographer with meaning, definition, and copyrights released to the NFT platform for bidding or sale.

Is NFT photography beneficial?
Of course, when you are capturing some amazing photographs by exploring different locations, you should cash it. By capturing some exclusive photos, you can turn them into NFT and earn well out of them, along with building your worth.

How Can I start my NFT photography career?
You can prepare your NFT photography collection and then get on board with an NFT photography marketplace to sell it. You might have to put some effort in the beginning because of competition, but you still have good chances.

Tips to Build Your NFT Photography Portfolio
To be one of the aspiring NFT photographers in 2023, you need to build an impressive NFT photography portfolio. Here we are, helping you with a few tips that can easily take you through the process.

Know your skill level
Beware of your skill level before entering into the competitive industry. Whether you are a beginner, you can still come up with some good photographs. Stretch yourself a little more to be creative, different, and aspiring. Sometimes even a simple click can work.

Identify in-demand photo kind.
Knowing what your audience demand helps you produce well. Check out the top-selling or frequently-selling NFT photographs. It helps you to know the gap between the options for the people.
Among the gap, you can cover up things efficiently to make them better, bigger, and worthy. Remember, your competition is your guide in the NFT industry. It will help you to direct your way.

Never taken away by competitors.
If your competitors or most photographers follow a pattern, do not fall for it. It’s their originality; you need to stick to yours. Your original work will stand out and make things in your favor.
Following any other photographer may make you a puzzle where you can’t handle things well. It’s better to stick to the things you are concerned about.

Define your taste
It takes time to define your taste in photography. Some artists know from the beginning what they like or inspire. However, a few struggle a little more with these common things.
If you are the one who doesn’t know where things should lead you, do not worry. Go with the flow and gradually develop or define your taste by clicking pictures. When you put your heart in it along with your brain, it will blow everything up.

Creativity has no boundaries.
To be a successful NFT photographer, you need to be creative, which does not bind you to any lines. You can be limitless and beyond borders for creativity. Go crazy but be careful not to land yourself into something bad.

Be specific with collections.
Every click does not have to be on the collection. You need to be skeptical about the audit and selection process for the collection. Come up with something that is crazy and worthwhile for your buyers.

Select multiple but authorized marketplaces
Setting up your account at one marketplace is not enough. You should try multiple marketplaces to capture more buyers. It’s like placing your products at different distribution centers to sell more.
However, stick to the authorized marketplaces. Beware of the unauthorized or scam marketplaces that can take away your money and craft.

Optimize your collections
Optimization is the key to making your portfolio stand out on search engines and in the marketplace. Use the appropriate, prominent, and top keywords, tags, and other meta options. It helps you to be shown the top results and get better sales.

Sell good, not fast
If you think you can make more money by selling fast, you a mistaken. The best thing about NFT is its exclusivity. Keep it exclusive and at a good, however reasonable price. It brings you quality, appreciation, and demand for the next collection.

Bottom Line
NFTs are amazing, mesmerizing, and shocking for some people. Some crazy buyers are buying some simple NFT tokens for a huge amount. As a growing industry, it does have great potential.
The NFT photographers are making their way into it and creating some amazing portfolios. In 2023, we expect some good NFT photos to lead the board. Even the industry is welcoming beginners and new talent to make its way toward success.

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