Interview with Christoph – Colombian NFT Artist

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Meet Christopher (@Crais25), a Colombian nft artist who skillfully captures the diverse climactic moments of his life. With a keen eye for detail and a profound artistic vision, Christoph brings his unique perspective to the digital canvas, allowing viewers to embark on a captivating journey through his personal experiences

– Hello Christoph, please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Christopher, known on Web3 as Christoph.

I’m from Colombia, I am 21 years old and I am a student of mechanical engineering, art, and economics. I started in the NFT space in January of 2022 where I worked very hard for people to see my work, starting with a retro vintage style drawn with my mouse…

– When did you start painting?

All my life I have been related to art, since I was a child I always made drawings and sold them at my school, but 2 years ago I began to practice different traditional and digital techniques more often.

Also through my career and studies I have been very involved with engineering technical drawings, which is why one of the missions I have in this space is to mix and find harmony between expressiveness and engineering and geometry.

– Where are you from and how does that affect your work?

I am from Colombia and although I am studying, crypto art is my job and I am living from this right now while I study, this only affects me in time but I have learned to organize my schedule.

– Where do you find inspiration?

Usually I find inspiration in my deepest and strongest feelings. Every time I need to express something, I listen to music according to the situation and thanks to the melody I get some ideas.

In general, I am a person who does not express his feelings very well with words, so I usually do it with my art, each piece has its sentimental meaning.

– Who are your biggest artistic influences?

My great artistic influence is Moebius, although my current style is not very similar,
many times I like to read his books and his illustrations.

The ideas I usually take from the melody of Lana del Rey songs, where you can hear some suffering and elegance.

– Describe how art is important to society.

Although I have been related to engineering, economics and mathematics, I always understood that art is essential for human existence and development, human beings are overflowing with passion and feelings that need to come out and express themselves, those feelings make us different from others, those virtues and those demons move the world.

When we are sad, when we are happy is when we have a real look inside ourselves, this is very important to know ourselves.

– What motivates you to create?

My motivation to create is to show myself and those close to me that great things can
be achieved with the strength that comes from the heart and passion…- How do you define success as an artist?

For me, success as an artist is that at least one person has strong feelings and feels identified with a piece of yours.

– Does art help you in other areas of your life?

Art has undoubtedly changed my life, thanks to this I can support myself and pay for my studies, at the same time helping my family.

Apart from the economic, art helps me to vent the strong feelings that need to come out.

– How did you learn about NFTs?

I found out about NFTs in January of this year, I was looking for how to sell
digital art since I needed money to be able to achieve some goals for love.

– When did you start minting your Art as NFTs?

I started minting my art at the beginning of this year at the beginning of February on tezos.

But with a lot of perseverance I was able to raise money to pay the ETH gas fees and my first mint on the ETH network was done on Opensea in April of this year.

– What are your next steps within the jpeg space (NFTs) and Web 3.0?

My next steps is to keep improving my art and participate in the biggest possible events
where my art can be seen in different countries, interact with big artists
and keep working until I reach a level where I can send physical benefits to my collectors, relating my brand with real life events

– Who is your favorite NFT artist?

I have many favorite artists but I really like the work of Rik Oostenbroek.

– We saw your art recently being displayed in Tokyo, how did that happen?

Superchiefgallery NFT opened a call where various curators reviewed the art of many artists and chose me out of 5 artists.

– If you had to choose 1 piece out of your collection to display at MoMA, which one would it be?

Wow this would be a great honor for me, it’s a hard decision but I would choose
“Ego defragmentation”, my genesis from Darkness interlude collection.

– What advice would you give to a young artist that wants to get involved within the NFT space?

I think everyone’s times are different, but I have been working for many months without anyone seeing me. What helped me a lot was perseverance and discipline, always being focused and transparent.

In the NFT space you will meet all kinds of people and it is very important that you care about making genuine and high-quality relationships where you can learn things and share knowledge from the people who have the most experiences here.

You can find Christopher’s extraordinary art at the following link: christophh – Linktree or follow him on  Christoph???? (@Crais25) / Twitter.

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