5 Most Popular Blockchain Games To Watch Out For

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Currently, the gaming industry alone holds a huge market share of over 2 billion people, large enough to dwarf Hollywood, combined with the music industry. These numbers are even more impressive when one takes a look at its revenue, which stood at a staggering $195.65 billion in 2021, with 220 billion expected in 2022, posing questions about current popular blockchain games.

This cleared one thing for sure, as a hobby, gaming does not exist anymore. The gaming industry has been revolutionized by both blockchain and NFTs thanks to open economies, traceable ownership, and earning opportunities. 

Blockchain games have gained enormous traction over the past year and are expected to continue to do so.

Now let’s talk about some of the most popular blockchain games on the market right now. 

Most Popular Blockchain Games

Alien Worlds Covers The #1 Spot

When discussing blockchain games, one cannot ignore “Alien Worlds“, a game with the most active users and one of the most popular blockchain games. Based on DappRadar data, Alien Worlds receives about 230,000 visitors every day. There is no doubt that the game represents a serious threat to its rivals. 

Popular Blockchain Games

In the past few days, more than 600,000 unique addresses have been hosted on the site. Numbers are huge but let’s see what they get from the Alien’s World game. 

Alien world is a metaverse built on blockchain technology. In Alien World’s gameplay, players will take on the role of adventurers of 2055 with a goal to go the distant worlds and extract trillion. Everything in the metaverse is tokenized and players will come across some pretty unusual things in the form of NFTs throughout their mining adventure. 

As for passive earning opportunities for the players of the game, there is no doubt that the game provides them with plenty of them. 

This game runs on a number of blockchain networks, including:

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX)
  • Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

Alien Worlds is using WAX and Binance’s Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains to capitalize on the recent cryptocurrency market recovery. During the past month, the value of their token TLM grew by 21.6%. Now, it is listed on the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, including KuCoin and Binance.

It’s free to play Alien World, so you don’t have to invest anything to get started. Players receive a free shovel when they create an account, so they are able to mine as soon as they sign up.

In any case, if you intend to gain significant rewards, investing in a high-quality tool will yield a greater amount of TLM with a higher likelihood of mining NFTs.

Alien Worlds is a great place to start if you’re looking for a place to get your feet wet in the realm of NFTs and Metaverse crypto games.

There are a number of exchanges where you can purchase TLM, including 

  1. PancakeSwap
  2. Binance 
  3. KuCoin among others.

Splinterlands in at Second

Splinterlands ranked second among the most-visited blockchain games last month. This game has been in the lead for a while, due to its enormous success with airdrops and stakes. In-game assets, known as SPS, have proven to be more valuable than other popular game local assets by 36%. As of today, there are 378,000+ daily active players in the game. 

Alien Worlds

The biggest challenge it has to face is Alien Worlds’ resurrection, which is one of the major challenges it has to overcome.

Splinterlands, whose recently redesigned interface has attracted widespread praise for its simplicity, saw its daily user count increase by 250,000 to 378,000 after the redesign. It is also thought that this increase is related to the organization’s long-term goals. Let’s see what Splinterlands has to offer to its dear players. 

Splinterlands features auto-battler cards which are collectible non-fungible-token cards usable in battle. Splinterlands utilizes the Hive blockchain and includes daily quests, weekly rewards, alliances, tournaments, and a secure card rental marketplace!

Playing, trading, and earning in-game rewards are all possible on both mobile and desktop devices. A total of 283 cards are included in the game, each with different stats such as Move speed, Strength, Mana cost, ranged, and magic attacks. You can then combine these to create a deck that suits your playing style.

There are also factions in the game called “Splinters” and each Splinter has its own set of cards. As mercenaries, the following factions serve in this game: 

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Dragon
  • Death
  • Life
  • Water
  • Neutral

The cards of each faction are buffed in a unique way. A player can redeem cards and tokens for rewards simply through gameplay. 

In most battles, the cards determine the outcome, but positioning counts as well, as a wrong move can have serious consequences. In the first position, only Melee units can attack, whereas Ranged units cannot attack. A game is won by the team that destroys all its opponent’s hit points first.

Quests, ranked matches, and tournaments are among the in-game options in Splinterlands.

Farmers World Comes in Third

Farmers World comes in the 3rd position – a blockchain-based NFT farming game that was released in June 2021. It’s all based on DappRadar stats, which rank this game third behind Splinterlands and Alien Worlds. 

Farmers World Comes

Significantly, it is faster than Axie Infinity, once the largest NFT game.

In the past year, the system has handled more than $9 million in transactions in terms of revenue with more than 150,000 participants. The game has frequent updates and an incredibly active community.

There is a lot you can do in Farmers World, which is a major reason for its popularity. As a farmer, everything you do in the game is based on your choices, from the tools you use to the resources you find. 

Make your own way of life as a farmer, mine, raise, build, cultivate, and defend your land from wild animals.

As a prerequisite for playing, the game requires the purchase of a standard NFT tool available in Farmers World’s collection over at AtomicHub. For new players, fishing rods and axes come highly recommended, costing about $19 and $27, respectively.

Upon purchasing the NFT tool, users will be able to mine Farmers World Gold (FWG), one of the cryptocurrencies. The Farmers World community features a variety of tokens, all of which are mined using a variety of tools. On the Alcor exchange, you will be able to trade every token in the game.

Benji Bananas in Fourth Place

Benji Bananas was first released on mobile devices in the traditional way. Fingersoft published it in 2013 after Tribeflame developed it. It was nothing more than a simplistic, entertaining rope-swinging saga that could be downloaded and played on smartphones for fun purposes. 

In March 2022, Animoca Brands opted to make Benji Bananas a play-and-earn (P2E) game after acquiring Tribeflame in 2018 which would take Benji Bananas on a journey into the Web3.

Benji Bananas

More than 70,000 users logged into their dapp this week to claim their rewards in the form of primate tokens. 

As of now, Benji Bananas is built on the Ethereum blockchain and Polygon Layer-2 sidechain, making it still possible to swing through trees while collecting rewards. These rewards can now be exchanged for real-world money. 

Despite the play-to-earn element, the game is still free to download and play. Animoca Brands, however, makes it possible for players wishing to compete for cryptocurrency to do so through its NFT. PRIMATE tokens are cryptocurrencies that can be earned by users.

Google Play and the Apple App Store both offer the game for download.

Era7: The Game of Truth in at Fifth Place

Era7: The game of truth comes in at 5th place – is a unique, card-trading game that is based on Web3. An intriguing aspect of the game is that it uses the Binance Smart Chain blockchain. 

DappRadar’s Games rankings consistently place it in the top 5, but not since it launched in March 2022. Compared to Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone, it has a very similar gaming style.

The Game of Truth

There is also a storyline in the game. The Continent of Truth is populated by seven races competing for the title of King of Truth. People with special abilities from these races enroll in Summoner Academy, which teaches them how to summon cards.

After mastering these skills, players are able to form Summoning Pacts with other highly skilled players in the Era7 world. Throughout history, allies have fought for supremacy under the title King of Truth. Moreover, these victors aren’t just honored. Tokens are also offered as rewards. 

As a blockchain-based trading card game, Era7 is much more than that. When players refer their friends, they are rewarded. A farming mechanism allows players to earn tokens.

The way users build their decks must be thoughtful and during battle, they must deploy their assets carefully.

The Era7 virtual world is a place where users can also engage in combat. Different challenges await in new areas, and the players must overcome them all. A key feature of Era7 will be land sales and ownership.

Using the resources on their land, landowners can earn tokens. Also, players will be able to charge other players a fee to visit their land. Each battle in Era7 lasts about 3 minutes. 

So it’s ideal for someone interested in gaming but doesn’t want to commit to anything that takes a lot of time.


The above-listed games integrate seamlessly with the gaming industry as if they were one piece of a puzzle. Due to their high entertainment value and lucrative nature, many players enjoy these games, keeping up with the current craze of NFT. Now you have everything you need to know about popular blockchain games. Enjoy!

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