10 Best-Selling NFT Artists Every NFT Fan Must Know

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NFTs are a new and exciting way to communicate without the fear of missing out, the drama, and all the other obstacles that can get in the way. Best-selling NFT artists connect people via communities besides being exciting. 

The NFT culture attracts individuals with eccentricities, visionaries, and passions. Therefore, you are sure to find remarkable artists capable of endless creativity. Artists of all kinds like painters, musicians, designers, sculptors, and illustrators.

10 Best-Selling NFT Artists

NFTs, however, allowed artists of this time to turn their creativity into fortunes beyond their tangible worth. Kind of artists people loved supporting by buying their work so they could continue to pursue their passions.

Having made great strides in 2014 after the first mint, NFT sales are now booming. A number of digital asset creators, including Pak, Beeple, and Tyler, earn more than six figures from their NFT artwork on a regular basis.

And there’s “Beeple”, who holds the record for the most expensive NFT ever sold, named “Everydays: The First 5000 Days”.  

It makes one wonder what differentiates their NFT projects from others. Taking a look at the market’s best-selling NFT artists is the best way to gain insight into the space. Discover the 10 best-selling NFT artists who have been instrumental in shaping the industry. 

10 Best-Selling NFT Artists

#1 – Pak

Pak – is a mysterious artist who is exploring the apex of this new art medium while making millions. Members of the crypto community nicknamed Pak “Satoshi of crypto art” because of his unknown identity, similar to Satoshi, the anonymous creator of Bitcoin.

Pak’s reputation has soared since he entered the NFT market. With 66,320 NFTs sold, he has established himself as one of NFT’s most renowned members. 

His NFT collection “Merge” is one of the most expensive ever produced by the NFT artist, selling for $91.8 million on Nifty Gateway.

Pak Best-Selling NFT Artist

#2 – Beeple

The artist behind “Beeple”, whose real name is Mike Winkelmann, 40, is indeed a well-known artist in the digital world, known for his VJ loops, and “everydays”, where he creates something new every day, a practice he has maintained for nearly 15 years now.

Mike Winkelmann sold one of his digital works named “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” for $69.3 million, making him one of the most valuable artists on the planet, digital or not.

During the December auction, he offered 3 digital works for $969 each, as well as 21 unique artworks, with most selling for about $100,000

#3 – Trevor Jones

It is true that Trevor Jones’ work has not yet achieved Beeple’s prominence or value, but he’s still a prominent figure among NFT artists.

As a crypto artist, Trevor Jones has broken several records in recent years, topping the highest bids on numerous NFT marketplaces, including Nifty Gateway, SuperRare, and MakersPlace. Bitcoin Angel, one of his most expensive NFTs, set a record for high-end open-edition pieces in February when it sold for $3.2 million

Prior to digitalizing his artwork, he auctioned both the physical painting and NFT, raising both interest and revenue. With 20% of the auction proceeds going to charity, Trevor wanted to give back with his art.

#4 – Gal Yosef

Gal Yosef is a globally renowned Israeli 3D artist with two successful NFT collections to his credit. Along with being named Autodesk’s Artist of the Month in June 2020, he has made a mark in the fields of fashion, design, finance, and technology.

“Crypto Bull Society” was one of his most notable creations that generated over $50 million. A pioneer in digital art, his experimentation with 3D art began at the age of 12.

Yosef founded the Meta Eagle Club in collaboration with the world-renowned Eden Gallery and RNSNC’s NFT studio. Galyverse’s first chapter contains a collection of 12k eagles.

#5 – Snowfro

Erick Calderon, known as “Snowfro” on the web, founded the Art Block, a generative art platform created to sell NFTs. The “Chromie Squiggle“, his own curated project, he has created as an artist.

A number of people have expressed interest in Art Blocks since its launch in November 2020, including large auction houses like Sotheby’s.

A total of 7,458 pieces have been sold by Snowfro, the most expensive of which was Snowfro’s Chromie Squiggle collection which went for “$8,129”. In this NFT, there is a dark blue squiggly line, which Snowfro describes as “each squiggly embodies the soul of the Art Blocks platform”.    

#6 – Tyler Hobbs

Tyler Hobbs is an artist from Austin, Texas who specializes in generative art. A plotter, algorithms, coding, and painting are at the heart of his work. The purpose of Hobbs’ art is to explore the way computer hardware and software interact with nature.

The most famous of Hobb’s generative blockchain art pieces are the Fidenza NFT series. Having sold 1,017 artworks during his career, Hobbs’ average NFT sale was $48,478 and his highest sale was $81,227.

Another most expensive artwork of Hobb’s, named “Incomplete Control” emphasizes the importance of letting go and being open to error and imperfection. The artwork sold out before its unveiling. One-of-a-kind pieces, Hobb’s NFTs resemble exhibits from museums.   

#7 – Mad Dog Jones

A Canadian artist who goes by the name “Mad Dog Jones” real name “Micah Dowbak” is known for his surrealistic and dynamic artwork that has brought millions of dollars to his pocket in just one drop of NFTs.

Mad Dog Jones has sold 1,610 NFT artworks combining music and art. One of Jone’s most popular pieces, “Replicator”, created in partnership with Philips, features a 50-second loop showing an office copier in an urban setting. From one drop, they were able to generate 4 million dollars, and most Mad Dog Jones fans paid up to $5k for their pieces.

It will be interesting to see where Mad Dog Jones’ art goes in the future if Mad Dog Jones fans continue to go crazy for his artwork. 

#8 – Fewocious

On June 23, 2021, sometime around 10:00 AM EST, Christie’s, one of the world’s most famous auction houses, experienced a website crash unlike any seen before. There were many bidders fighting for a series of NFTs made by a teenage artist named “FEWOCiOUS”.

FEWOCIOUS, known by the real name “Victor Langlois” stands out as one of the most prominent figures in the cryptocurrency world for an unprecedented period of time.

During the first year after his NFT drops, he made $17 million. However, in total, 3,189 NFTs worth $22.6 million have been sold by this young artist. Another work titled “The Everlasting Beautiful” sold for $550k.

#9 – 3LAU

As soon as people hear NFTs, their first thoughts are likely to be about visual art, which is not the case with 3LAU. “Blau” A.k.a. “3LAU” despite not being an NFT creator, 3LAU has recently entered the crypto world and is the first musician ever to stream music from a blockchain-based platform.

In January, BLAU tokenized its first full-length song using Nifty Gateway and raised $175,000 worth of tokens. If it had been a traditional label, they would have needed to have millions of streams in order to break even.

He is also the co-founder of Royal, a platform allowing users to trade tokens via its marketplace, thereby earning royalties from streaming.

His own album generated $11.6 million out of the $12.7 million he generated through NFTs with his music. A further $1,333,333 was made from his collaboration with SlimeSunday.

#10 – XCOPY

As an emerging digital artist and crypto enthusiast based in London, “XCOPY” creates engaging and fun art. The artist is known for his abstract illustrations, dramatic lighting, and moving NFTs. Nevertheless, collectors are free to interpret his work however they see fit. 

XCOPY’s art gained tremendous popularity when Snoop Dogg bought one of his animated NFTs for 1300 ETH.

XCOPY has sold 1,907 artworks worth $11,906,985. Death Dip was the artist’s biggest sale in March 2021, bringing in $2,111,470.

The total value of his NFTs is around $90 million, and most sell for over $9,000.

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