7 Best Ways To Promote NFTs (Free & Paid)

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NFTs are everywhere today, with everyone looking for ways to mint, promote and sell them. Digital artists may find it appealing to mint NFTs on popular marketplaces such as “OpenSea“. While minting an NFT is an excellent step in the right direction, it’s not enough; your collection needs to be promoted as well. Especially these days, when NFT releases are announced regularly, the importance of publicizing your collection and creating a buzz around it cannot be overstated. The key to making your NFT known well is to find the best ways to promote NFTs either free or paid.  

7 Best ways to promote NFTs

But why do we need to promote our NFTs at all?

Promotion is essential for creators to generate revenue from their creations, keep up with the latest trends, and engage more audiences. I am sure you’ve seen successful NFT collections that announce complete roadmaps before their releases, taking promotions to the next level. 

Following are the 7 best free and paid ways to promote NFTs.  

#1 – Promote your NFTs through social media (FREE)

Social media is one of the best free ways to promote your NFTs. It’s because social media is used by 59% of the world’s population, which makes it one of the best places to give your NFTs maximum exposure. 

Start by creating a specialized Facebook Group and don’t forget to make use of Facebook’s key growth features such as live streaming, partnering with other group owners, and answering questions as a way to gain authority in your field, by including a link to your group on all social media profiles.

7 Best ways to promote NFTs

After that, utilize the full potential of another social media network, Instagram.

17.6% of the world population today make use of Instagram which is a pretty huge number to get noticed.

Most people, however, use it to share their everyday lives with loved ones or to keep up with celebrities, so why not utilize it for your own NFT marketing efforts?

Utilize hashtags, post engaging content, and go live on Instagram to grow your following.     

To build excitement and hype, post content on social media highlighting NFT features in advance of upcoming releases. Content that engages audience members and gets them to share has the potential to go viral and cross-promote itself. 

#2 – Promote NFTs via Discord server (FREE)

If you want to promote your NFT collection before people who are actively looking to invest in the next big project, you can’t leave Discord out of your strategy. 

Why use Discord? Because it’s free audio, video, and text chat program that is being used by millions for sharing thoughts and ideas, including art projects.

You can use Discord as a key marketing tool when launching your NFT project.

7 Best ways to promote NFTs

Join one of the many public servers, including those that promote both existing and new NFT collections. And you will find an audience that’s likely to have an interest in upcoming NFTs since they are more likely to be open-minded about investing in them.

The upcoming NFT you are planning can even be publicized via Discord events. Although public servers work well for promoting NFTs, getting into an actual investment server with exclusive members should be your ultimate goal.   

Moreover, a number of phenomenal achievements have been made through Discord by names like VeeFriends and CyberKongz. 

#3 – Get influencers to promote your NFTs (PAID)

For those who are not on a tight budget and have funds to spend on promoting their upcoming collection, hiring an influencer might be a good idea.

It’s because there are a number of influencers with large followings who trust their opinions and invest time in listening to them.

Plus make sure to partner up with an NFT influencer instead of any other influencer. 

7 Best ways to promote NFTs

There is no set fee for influencers in the NFT space, as their fees are determined by their reach, followers, and promotional strategy. Some influencers might even demand their fee in cryptocurrency or even in NFTs.

A close eye on impressions and performance is critical while working with influencers. Furthermore, use UTM links to measure the amount of traffic generated exclusively by influencers. This will also enable you to decide if this is a worthwhile endeavor or not.     

#4 – Build collaborative strategies to promote NFTs (PAID)

Collaboration is key to assembling NFT collections and promoting NFTs. You can collaborate with celebrities, singers, and fashion brands. A good example is Nike, one of the biggest names in the NFT market. Nike sneakers are all associated with NFTs. Moreover, Nike sold the NFT of a shoe for $134,000.

7 Best ways to promote NFTs

Fashion brands will surely collaborate with you if your art improves their products.

It’s certainly not about money when it comes to first collaborations, but recognition is what counts. If you wish, you can even contact fellow creators to offer your assistance. Even if you don’t hear back, don’t give up. Sooner or later, you are going to get noticed, so don’t delay. 

#5 – Make use of the NFT Calendar to promote NFT (FREE)

You can make use of the NFT calendar to promote your NFTs since this is the only calendar that brings together NFT drops from different markets. NFT collectors keep an eye on the calendar, so make sure you’re there too with your collection to be noticed.

7 Best ways to promote NFTs

Additionally, it makes it easy for NFT collectors, since they don’t have to scour markets to find the best releases. 

Adding your NFT drop to the NFT calendar is easy and doesn’t take long at all. To register, just fill out the form with your details, including creator details, description, key visual of the drop, and the release link.   

#6 – Participate in NFT forums to promote NFT (FREE)

Promoting your NFTs through NFT forums is a great way to get attention. You can use “Reddit” and “Quora” which are gold mines.

Reddit is referred to as the front page of the internet, a great place for promotions thanks to its large user base. Build your profile on it, participate in subreddits, and upvote – these are the ways to become involved with the online community and the subreddits related to NFT. 

7 Best ways to promote NFTs

Moreover, there are a number of subreddits that are popular among active NFT investors as a way to find promising projects at an early stage at an affordable price, preferably before they become too expensive.  

The same is the case with Quora as it’s a place with a large user base seeking answers. This will allow you to share your expertise with them while linking back to your NFT collection.   

#7 – Paid Advertising to promote NFTs (PAID)

Organic promotion is ideal, but for more ambitious NFT projects, paid and organic promotion are usually combined to maximize results.

7 Best ways to promote NFTs

Basically, paid advertising entails running ads on various social media platforms as well as websites to attract more eyes. The first thing you should do is set a budget and then look for a marketing agency that can help you boost your project in the right direction.

As I mentioned before, relying solely on paid advertising might not be the best way to go, as it is always necessary to construct a narrative surrounding the NFT collection as well as an online presence.  

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