CryptoDickButts – From Joke To 790% Surge In Daily Sales

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Every NFT enthusiast must know about this project (CryptoDickButts) at this point if they want to be taken seriously. In May of 2021, Dick Butts morphed into CryptoDickbutts, a collectable that collectors love, firmly establishing itself as one of the most recognizable and popular collectables in the NFT.

CryptoDickButts NFTs have received a lot of attention thanks to their simplicity, which makes sense considering the number of people who like them.


CryptoDickButts is currently held by more than 1700 individuals and has accumulated over 7K ETH. On top of that, CryptoDickbutts have a dedicated space within Punk6529’s Open Metaverse. 

Created back in 2006 as part of a comic book/meme project created under the name “K.C Green”, “Dick Butts” quickly rose to fame largely due to its ability to capture the attention of comic book fans.

Creator of CryptoDickButts
KC GREEN (Comic Artist)

CryptoDickButts has been released as the 3rd series in their collection of CryptoDickButts collectables. With 5,200 coins in series 3, this was their largest series yet, valued at .052 ETH.

For the time being, CDB holds a floor price of 1.4 ETH. 

What if I told you that all of this started as a joke? Would you believe me? In his case, it resonated loud and clear. 

What is CryptoDickButts’ journey like?

KC Green – the creator of “CryptoDickButts” drew the comics from his own writings and is an artist born in Oklahoma, having made his mark on the internet with webcomics, most notably ‘Gunshow’ written and illustrated by him. 

His comedy style is known as a “self-conscious brand of humour” with a large following. Besides this, his Dick Butt character quickly went viral.

Like his (K.C Green) memes, CryptoDickButts was originally intended as a joke but soon became a valuable asset to hold; notably among CryptoPunk enthusiasts. 

CryptoDickButts’ Journey

Thousands of people worldwide adapted them, making their own unique versions, and posting them on sites such as 4chan and Reddit. An influential turning point came less than a year later, with the addition of a definition of “dickbutts” in Urban Dictionary on April 12th, 2007. 

The story didn’t end there. 

Following that, a Dick Butt comic was included by BuzzFeed on its site in June of 2009 as part of a feature. The iconic character’s cultural significance was further cemented on April 27, 2015, when BuzzFeed posted a comic featuring the character – by now a meme in its own right – rendered in a comic book style.


Numbers’ Behind CryptoDickButts

Since NFTs were in high demand, it was one of the few projects to maintain its floor price when the NFT market collapsed in 2022. The OG collectors received 161, while the developers and giveaways received 39. Their initial plan was ambiguous, there were no guidelines on how to mint, and there wasn’t much direction, resulting in a quick sellout.

As a benefit of this project, the DAO compensates for sales and receives royalties, to be deposited into the Community Treasury, for “financial support… “.

CryptoDickButts Stats

NFT Price Floor lists it as the 26th most expensive NFT project. CryptoDickbutts’ steady rise is due to a mixture of enthusiasm towards it along with sustained demand for it, largely fueled by memes. CryptoDickbutts has proved to be resilient in terms of interest as some NFT projects fade away once they become popular.

There is no set roadmap for the project, which is managed by the CryptoDickbutt DAO, whose notable members include Blondish, Steve Aoki, and ProbCause.

What makes CryptoDickButts unique from the rest?

Each Dickbutt is unique due to the generative system used to generate them. Dickbutts are rare and have varying values, similar to CryptoPunks and CrypToadz, which are PFP projects. 

Each of Dickbutt’s features has been categorized into 13 groups, including:

  • Body
  • Background
  • Eyes 
  • Hand 
  • Hat
  • Mouth 

The collection contains 20 CryptoDickButts with low rarities, such as #566, featuring brown hair and a bomb dick, a trait shared by over 20% of them.

CryptoDickButts #566

The price of CryptoDickbutts with standard features ranges from 1 to 2.29 ETH, which is significantly lower than the price of the rarest tokens, despite still being higher than their initial mint price. 

As you move up the rarity scale, CryptoDickButts like #1068 stand out, due to the frog-themed ‘legendary’ feature it has, which is very rare, accounting for just 0.02% of the entire collection, along with #5003, the legendary Dickasus.

CryptoDickButts #5003


CDB Price Surge Fueled By Powerful Influencers

Role of Melter Demirors

Although it remains unclear what triggered CryptoDickbutt’s sharp rise, there is a decent possibility that Meltem Demirors, who has over 250,000 followers on Twitter, may have sparked the rise by organizing an “emergency” Twitter Space on “the prophecy and the epic bang.”

Role of Melter Demirors

According to Demiror in Twitter space: “The Dickbutt community has always been about one thing alone, and it’s the fact that a D is equal to a B… Discussing prices would defeat the overall goal. Investing in Dickbutts isn’t what they are about. They are more of a culture than a business.

It is evident, from the amount of trade activity for the collection, that attendees took the advice given by influencers seriously and joined CryptoDickbutts.

Role of Elon Musk’s Tweet

Despite market expectations, Elon Musk threw surprises into the NFT space back in October. His comic tweets and ironic opinions often have influence in the crypto world, whether on purpose or not.

Role of Elon Musk’s Tweet

The collection of CryptoDickButts grew by 252.93 ETH by the end of the week following Elon’s tweet. Since Saturday, the collection increased by 4.54 ETH.

What are CryptoDickButts’ current standings?

According to nft-stats, CryptoDickbutts NFTs changed hands 34 times in the last week. Plus, for this year alone, CryptoDickbutts generated a total of $102.82k. There was an average price of $3k for one CryptoDickbutts NFT in the market. A total of 5,198 CryptoDickbutts tokens are owned by 1,775 owners.

With CryptoDickButts, you get more!

Typically, PFP projects are characterized by the fact they are primarily driven by community, art, and innovation that developed during the Genesis Mint period. 

Despite this, the PFP model has evolved beyond its basic structure. 


The DAO’s Discord server is open to anyone who holds a CDB. Within the DAO, there are two channels: the DAO-Governance channel, where proposals are voted on, along with the Dickbutt DAO channel, where general discussions take place. 

DAO’s primary goal is to build Dickbutts’ real-world presence, a goal it has achieved, and the projects’ partnerships demonstrate this. 


The CryptoDickButts can be used under the creative commons zero license. This means that the owners of the NFT as well as anyone else are free to do whatever they like as far as their NFT or images representing it, commercial or otherwise.


As a community, Dickbutts has built a solid partnership with the DAO and since then has shared its benefits with everyone holding a CDB. 

Killer Acid and CryptoSergs

Killer Acid and CryptoSergs are 2 artists with NFT experience that have been recruited by the DAO. While their roles in the project are unclear, Dickbutts will benefit simply from their reputation.

Silver Jet

After Dickbutts series 3 launched in January 2022, Silver Jet’s CEO tweeted to announce it had partnered with CDB, allowing token holders to hire private jets for 10-15% less.  

Naughty America

Naughty America, an adult entertainment site, announced on Twitter a new partnership that includes the Dickbutts. As part of the project, Naughty America created a virtual reality metaverse named Gooch Island for token holders to socialize around.

Copyrights Merchandise 

With Dickbutts merchandising, the Dickbutts community is utilizing its copyrights fully. Apart from CDB merchandise, the official store offers a variety of other items, including goods for collectors, art, or mugs that contribute to the DAO’s finances.

Dickbutts Royalties

DickButts OpenSea, according to its website, will charge a 5% royalty fee on series three of the project. There is an 8% commission on the first and second seasons of this project. 

Final Words

Despite starting out as a joke, the Dickbutts quickly became a well-regarded meme initiative valued at thousands of ETH. Dickbutts has been effectively taken over by the DAO since 2021, and the community controls its future.

It appears the DAO will continue to build partnerships over the next few years with both businesses and artists, so if the past is any indication, they have a good chance of succeeding.

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