DirtyRobot’s RENGA NFT Is a Masterpiece

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RENGA – The Art

Since its August launch, RENGA has created enormous waves in the NFT industry. 10,000 hand-drawn PFP characters make up the collection known as RENGA. Each NFT contributes to the huge RENGA storytelling ecology and has its unique personality. This community project is focused on art, fantasy, and Japanese manga and anime lore.

Renga, which translates to “connected poem” was first used in Japan over 700 years ago to promote collaborative poetry creation. The alternating three-line and two-line stanzas were composed by the poets in pairs or small groups as they worked.

Their first offering is the character collection, which is handcrafted with painstaking attention to color and detail and features pieces that are diverse and full of personality. Here, the team’s talent, commitment, and vision bring art and story together.

A new character, fresh addition to the collection, and a fresh tale to be told are all waiting within each black box. Your most creative thoughts will be combined with these wonderfully distinctive, handcrafted works of art to create the marvel that is the RENGA universe.

The three sequential images below, which were taken from Renga’s official website, serve as the best example of the artist’s storytelling style.

RENGA – The Art

DirtyRobot – The Artist

The artist that created RENGA goes by the name of Daniel Isles, also known as DirtyRobot. He is a Japanese independent illustrator and comic artist. On Daniel Isles’ official website, you can find a lot of lovely pictures and artwork. His best pieces include Bird Face Mask, Floating in Isolation, Twins in Pain, and Spiritual AI, all of which were digitally colored.

His illustrations exhibit a strong sense of complex emotions and abstraction. He draws inspiration from life in general, old video games, and kung fu flicks to create his classic pieces. One of his artworks is depicted in the image below named Floating in Isolation.

DirtyRobot – The Artist
Floating in Isolation

The Renga Blackbox

At the start of June, the RENGA Black Boxes emerged. 10,000 NFT characters can be used. However, there are only about, 7700 available right now. This is due to the RENGA team’s decision to use the RENGA Black Box with a special burn-to-mint option.

In essence, these boxes let you create an NFT and give it random characteristics. Each box serves as a gateway to a different archetype from the RENGA universe. The RENGA character will eventually enter this universe, or you can say that the Renga characters will be revealed through one of these boxes. The character will become increasingly important as the users and those who mint these Renga Black boxes will go forward.

The NFTs that weren’t shown had black cubes that were continuously rotating. The information in the boxes relates to Renga Factory’s past, present, and future.

As more individuals buy and burn the boxes to unveil new identities, there are only about 2,000 boxes left. In addition, you may purchase a RENGA NFT on the resale market using OpenSea. However, while minting, the RENGA Black Box gives mystery and enigma.

Minting the Renga Characters

Every RENGA Black Box owner has the chance to use a burn-to-mint pathway to unlock their box (burn) and expose a character (mint) from the RENGA world. Aside from the gas fee, there are no further charges for opening your box, and the owners have the choice to do so until there are no more boxes left to disclose their character.

The Market

RENGA now has a floor price of around 2.80 ETH and has sold a staggering 5478 ETH in the last seven days, topping the OpenSea volume records.

By the time of writing this article, there are 7102 total volumes for the Black Box with a floor price of 5.26 ETH. There are almost 50% unique owners of the Renga NFT black box.

Unique Traits

RENGA’s characters are each individually designed using 900 potential remarkable qualities. Additionally, there is a division of 1/1 NFTs. In the RENGA universe, there will be eleven different archetype characters, some of whom are more uncommon than others.

These are the eleven archetypes:

Agent, Robot, Alchemist, Samurai, Golem, Ninja, 8-Bit, Cube, Motor Corp, Delinquent, and Robot.

The development of the RENGA NFT project over the next few weeks will be intriguing to watch. For individuals who want to purchase an NFT with a surprise component, there are still more than 2000 RENGA Black Boxes available.

The unique traits categories of the Renga NFT include:

  • Earring
  • Eyes
  • Invisible Ink
  • Manga
  • Mask
  • Third Eye
  • HUD
  • Patches, etc.

The Renga NFT excerpt snapshot that follows describes the characters’ outstanding qualities.

Unique Traits

The First Renga Collection

Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter are all represented in the comprehensive collection of vibrant images known as The Art of Seasons. The first NFTs collection created by Renga creator and founder DirtyRobot is titled The Art of Seasons (TAOS). Renga Black Box has been airdropped to all TAOS owners. People who held TAOS didn’t have any expectations and received the free airdropped black boxes.

Official Sites and Marketplace Links

You can use the official links provided below if you’re interested in purchasing Renga Black boxes, Renga NFT Collections, or just want to check out the most recent Renga Characters.

Renga-OpenSea | Renga-Blackbox-OpenSea | Official Website

Using the links below, you can visit their official social media pages to get the most recent information on the Renga NFT.

Discord | Instagram

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