The History of Mfers NFT – One of the first CC0 NFT projects

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Ten thousand unique NFT avatars make up the Mfers collection, which was created as a love letter to all the beautiful NFT projects and to everyone who supported NFTs.

The history of Mfers NFTs may be traced back to Crypto Twitter in March 2021. when the project’s inventor, Sartoshi, bought a few CryptoPunks and developed a deep affection for NFTs. This is how Mfers NFTs came to be. Inspired by stick figure memes that were popular before the cryptocurrency boom, Mfers NFT is the most ambitious yet happiest initiative.

Mfers NFT Collectibles

Mfers NFT Collectibles: Who and Why?

Mfers NFT refers to all of the Mfers in the NFT universe. Mfers are NFT supporters committed to the idea and have demonstrated support throughout time. The metaphor that the project’s creative team sought to glean from each Mfer was that most NFT holders are similar in that they are riveted to their screens, taking in the pride and beauty of their NFT while they put off doing their work.

Every Mfers NFT features a stick figure moving out of the frame and grabbing something; this has been revealed as a mystery that may or may not be solved one day. Anything from pianos to spacecraft to poker tables will eventually add to the Mfer’s rarity.

Even the Mfers NFT channel is considered an unofficial, formally unregulated channel. It does not include the creative team at Mfes. Because Mfers NFT holders rather than Sartoshi established it, this effectively demonstrates each holder’s love for this NFT.

Three months after the debut in November, on February 15, solo tributary projects, merch, and many other things have been aligned along the route by the community alone. The Mfers NFT team desired that it be as close-knit as possible. The holders believe that this lack of structure and corporate culture is why one should purchase NFTs. It is already regarded as a blue-chip project by many people.

The Mfers NFT Related Important Dates

The 10,000 Mfers NFTs were hand-drawn and published online by Sartoshi, a well-known NFT Twitter meme maker, on November 30th, 2021. Since February 15, the community has flourished, and the NFTs contain several examples of how intellectual property rights have been used.

Examining the Mfers NFT Roadmap

Sartoshi, a professional meme maker, makes fun of many NFT projects’ gravitas. As a result, we didn’t publish a roadmap for Mfers NFTs. On the other hand, the community began setting goals for itself on their formally unauthorized Mfers NFT discord. Instead of defining goals, the Mfers NFT team tweeted about their roadmap so that you could put seeds and observe where they grew.

However, despite significant advancement, their roadmap continues to propel itself further into the future. The community intends to create its NFT products using the Mfers NFT, merchandise, and other NFT-related products after the team at Mfers NFT advised they go with returning all IP rights of NFTs to their owners. A few Mfers NFT holders are already carrying out these plans.

Sartoshi suggested that the owners of Mfers NFT should construct their highways. To pay respect to Blue-chip projects, designs began to take on characteristics like those of crypto punks. These elements increased the Mfers rarity, which has an intrinsic impact on the roadmap. As of February 15th, the roadmap and their future intentions are still being actively debated on their Discord server. Additionally, the project is essential since it is so unpredictable. A natural NFT project seeks to demonstrate that these guidelines and standards of behavior are not necessary for any Project to become a Blue-chip Project.

Additional information on their roadmap includes references to a very upbeat Mferverse, 3D Mfers NFTs, and even established Tokenomics with the unnamed Mfer governance token. Also on the horizon are Mfer sweatshirts and hats. The following NFT derivatives are already being discussed:

  • Mfers facing the front
  • Mortal Mfers (skull-like designs)
  • ApeMfers, as well as 1/1 extremely uncommon Mfers, are available.

This is only the beginning, and with Mfers songs and a book published, there is so much more deeply ingrained in their blueprint. This project is distinctive since it had no clear roadmap and defied all expectations by making one up as it went along.

The Mfers NFT Statistics, Sales, and Everything Else

Comparing the Mfers NFT Mint Price with the Current Price

The Mfers NFT Floor Price is 1.14 ETH as of October 10th, 2022, and is soaring rapidly. The Mfers NFT Mint Price, exclusive to the memes, was set at 0.069 ETH on November 30th, 2021, the day it started. The Project, 10,000 Mfers NFT, was sold out within 10 minutes of its release.

Total Traded Volume on Mfers

In just three months since inception, a staggering 11,200 ETH have been traded. Given that several products and projects are already in the works by the self-made plan, the volume is not expected to slow down very soon.

Price Analysis of the Mfers NFT

Since the project has been apparent with its objective and ambitions about honoring NFT culture and paying homage to NFT icons like CryptoPunks, the Mfers NFT Price Prediction indicates that it’s destined to rise slowly. The Floor Price, which is 2.32 ETH as of February 15th, has increased by 100% during the second week of February, and this growth is expected to continue.

Price Analysis of the Mfers NFT


The End of Sartoshi: From Mfers NFT

Sad news for fans of NFT memes, as sartoshi, a well-known NFT influencer, has announced his permanent “gn” to the NFT community. The anonymous figure didn’t explain why they were leaving; instead, they described how the mfers NFT collection would function without them.

Meanwhile, the NFT community is divided over Satoshi’s most recent action: an open edition collection that has generated sales of 828.621 ETH, or around $1.5 million as of this writing. Was it a genius move on the part of the meme creator, or was it just a subtle rug pull?

How is the NFT community responding to Sartoshi’s end?

The action from sartoshi was viewed as brilliant by the NFT community members who cherished what mfers stood for. On the one hand, it is a parody of Satoshi Nakamoto’s narrative. On the other hand, it also guarantees that mfers’ life and future will exist independently of its creator.

However, not everyone’s responses were as kind. On the other hand, many people on Twitter claim that this concludes Sartoshi’s sluggish mfers rug pull. Even though the project may have helped promote the idea that NFT initiatives have no roadmap or use. Nevertheless, as the previous post from Hustler (himself, a highly contentious influencer) demonstrates, some people have strong opinions against Sartoshi.

However, the decision to leave with the “end of sartoshi” drop caused the most ire. Even without sartoshi, open editions are divisive in and of themselves. As a result, many people were offended when they dumped the collection just before leaving the area, not to mention how much money the NFTs have already made.

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